April Adventures

If you’ve been following our journey for at least a year, then you might remember that last April it felt like we were in the real life rendition of Noah’s Ark around here! This year, the weather ended up being incredibly dry for the majority of April and I think the whole country let out a sigh of relief when the rains finally came at the end of the month.

The dryer days did allow us to get out and about more this month. We took advantage of the weather and went on a few walks in our neighborhood. It’s amazing how green and beautiful everything stays even when it hasn’t rained for MONTHS!


We hosted two teams and went on quite a few home visits with various guests in April. Below are some photos of just a few of the clients we had the joy of spending time with in their homes. It’s always such an honor to be welcomed into someone’s home and to spend time in fellowship together.


We also attended a graduation this month at a church partner in Rongai. One of the seminars the clients are taught is on how to bake cakes. Several of the clients joined together to practice what they were taught and made cakes for everyone to enjoy at the graduation. Below are photos of the cake “cutting” (how many people does it take to cut a cake?!) and the paparazzi documenting said ceremony. Ha! The last photo is of several clients coming down the aisle together to celebrate one of their friends receiving their certificate!


Our dear friends, Faith & Chris, got married on the 13th! We loved being able to celebrate with them on this beautiful day!!! We are so excited for the future plans God has for their marriage and family.


Our friends Jessica & Taylor’s little girl, Lyla, turned 1!!! So of course we had to celebrate! Jessica was sweet enough to let me help her decorate for this precious party. We love getting to pretend to be an “Auntie & Uncle” to Lyla! She brings so much joy to us all!


We celebrated Easter with our church family at OneTribe. Shanna & I just happened to be matching that day! :)


We went to eat breakfast not once, but TWICE at a fun restaurant in Nairobi called Wasp & Sprout. The ricotta & blueberry griddlecakes with lemon curd & clotted cream were a little slice of heaven. I also got to have a fun “iced peach tea” date with Jessica this month!


We drove out to hike the Ngong Hills with the Jolleys to round out the adventures this month. None of us really knew what to expect, but the views were spectacular, the weather was breezy and cool, and we got our heart rates up climbing some pretty steep “hills”!! There was also a really neat windmill farm. Check out these views!


Last, but not least, we found these cute minions made of tires outside of a random shop and I hope they brighten your day like they did mine!


- Casey